Day off with mammoths

Today, March 13, there was a break in the program of the European Ski Orienteering Championships and World Cup final. Today, athletes had an opportunity to relax, regain strength before the long distance race, as well as get acquainted with Khanty-Mansiysk by going on an excursion. More than a hundred participants and judges set off on a morning tour around the Ugra capital.

Three buses with city guests started their way from the “Olympiyskaya” hotel, where athletes traditionally live. The biggest attention, of course, was given to the Archaeopark. The composition of bronze figures leaves no one cold. The figures of Pleistocene time animals and Paleolithic people, built at the foot of the Samarovsky hill, is the hallmark of Khanty-Mansiysk. Participants of orienteering competitions, of course, paid a lot of attention to the mammoths.

“It was interesting to look at the mammoths. They are not alive, of course, but it was still possible to compare them to the elephants familiar to me, – said Khaled Elshebokshy, the only Egyptian athlete who came to the Ugra capital to participate in competitions. – I would like to see the summer Khanty-Mansiysk. The weather, of course, is good now, it is spring, as I was told, but still I like the summer more”.

Except to the Archaeopark, as part of the tour, the athletes saw a river port, a statue of Assol, Monument sign dedicated to the explorers of Ugra, the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, Ugra State University, the Oil and Gas Museum and the sculptural composition “Mythological time”, where one can see images of spirits worshiped by the indigenous peoples of the North.

“I really liked the mammoths. Walking down the Archaeopark was the best part of the excursion. Getting to know the city we’re competing in, was great, – said Hannah Eriksson, representing the Swedish team. Almost a full squad went to a sightseeing tour. – Ski orienteering and sports in general affected my life in a positive way. It brings people together, my team is my sports family”.

Tomorrow the relaxed bliss of the day off will end, because of the longest distance of the European Ski Orienteering Championships and World Cup final. Athletes will go in search of KPs at 14.00.